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Authentic Thai Menu



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Thai Menu
Authentic Thai Menu

"We serve delicious authentic Thai food at its best."

The food in this section will be served as is. We try our best to keep it the same as its origin. When the recipe calls for spicy , it will be made spicy, so on so forth. Many ingredients may not listed in this section. We do not recommend these section to customer with allegy. You can choose this regular menu instead. These items are best when served fresh out of the kitchen and are not best for traveling.


YUM HUA PLEE...$14...
Banana blossom salad, chicken, shrimp with a tasty sauce in it.

A delicious spicy salad, fresh lime, roasted herbs, coconuts, chili sauce, medium spicy, chef's favorite.

T1. SOM TUM KA PEE...$15.
papaya salad, shrimp, shrimp paste, pork rinds, a side of sticky rice.

Ka Pee is shrimp paste. Thai add Ka Pee into many things including this salad to make a rich flavor Som Tum. We are not only upgraded the salad, but also adding a side of of Kab Moo (pork rind), and a Kao Niaw (sticky rice) into this item. The combination gives savory rich flavors in contrast with cracklings, while match with chewy texture of rice. Chef's favorite. We serve this as is only.

T2. YUM PLA DOOK FOO...$13...
deep fried ground fish, mango spicy salad.

This is one of our favorite starters. It is a delicious mouth watering Thai crunch savory salad. Don't let the word 'fried' stopped you from ordering this savory, funky, fizzy, fun salad.


COW SOY DUCK...$25...
Cow Soy curry over egg noodles dish, roasted duck, sour cabbage, onion, a dish from northern Thailand. We love it.

lightly battered shrimp, deep fried, savory tamarind sauce, fried shallot, fried garlic, roasted chili, cilantro. A side of white rice. An unforgettable dish.

T3. GANG HUNG LAY...$21...
slow cooked pork curry, side of sticky rice.

This is a staple. The pork has been cooked on low heat for a good 5 hours. So it's so tender, juicy and flavorful. When eat with sticky rice, there is nothing cto compare. The serving size is relatively small due to labor intensive. But the heavy sticky rice and the delicious curry will make it up for you. A must try.

green curry chicken over thai style noodle, bean sprout.

We served Ka Nom Jeen since 2013. We love this one at our first try in our own kitchen years before that. We have good green curry. You should try this noodle in addition to basic Thai: Pad Thai, Drunken Noodle, Basil Chicken, Panang Curry, etc.

chinese broccoli, marinated tender pork over pan seared flat rice noodle, a lot of sauce, side of thai pickle pepper in vinegar. thai style smoky finish.

An authentic and original Ladd Na comes with marinated tender pork only. You may sit down at any food stalls in Thailand, and ask for a Ladd Na. You would likely to get a pork Ladd Na. You have a very slim chance of getting other proteins. We love the pork in Ladd Na so much. So when we get a chance to put an authentic Thai Ladd Na, we can't wait to present the pork Ladd Na. We marinated the pork to make delicious protein. Don't ask for substitution meat, cause we don't do it. Oh, you should add at least a few drops of vinegar into your Ladd Na to maximize the flavor, and some peppers for spicy when needed.

dry stir fried flat rice noodle, chinese broccoli, marinated tender pork, egg, thai pickle pepper in vinegar. thai style smoky finish.

An authentic and original Pad See Ew comes with marinated tender pork, same as #T5.Ladd Na. Again,you may sit down at any street food carts in Thailand, and ask for Pad See Ew. You would likely get pork Pad See Ew. We marinated the pork to make delicious Pas See Ew. Oh, you should add at least a few drops of vinegar into your Pad See Ew to maximize the flavor, and some peppers for spicy when needed.

T7. PRIG SOD MOO...$17...
shreded long green pepper, onion, pork, side of jasmine rice.

We grew up with peppers including this long green peppers. It extrats good aroma over heat when cooking . This item is a combination of meat in spicy pepper, sweet onion, and a bit of salty savory sauce. This one is good for chili spicy lover. This paired well with jasmine rice. We rated this medium spicy even we put pepper in cooking.

T2 Yum Pla Dook Foo
T3 Gang Hung Lay
T6 Sen Yai Pad See Ew Moo Mug
T4 Ka Nom Jeen Num Ya
T1 Som Tum Ka Pee
Shrimp in Tamarind Sauce
Yum is a salad. We're making a Yum.
Tu Rian

T8. RAMA LONG SONG...$17...
steamed marinated pork and watercress, peanut sauce, jasmine rice, preserved chili jam.

Peanut sauce lover will love this one! The story behind the name. Rama is a character in Thai tales. His skin is green. Long Song means taking shower. Originally, it was referred to the boiled morning glory that served with pork and peanut sauce topping over rice. We substitute the morning glory with watercress in Falls Church, because we can't find the morning glory here. But this is as good as origin and it's delicious.

T9. KA NA NUAHH...$20...
chinese broccoli, marinated beef, ginger, oyster sauce. Thai style smoky finish.

A dish that Thai can't live without. We get varieties of food in different meals over the day. Ka Na Nuahh Num Mon Hoy ( a full name of this one) is one of a must besides Ka Prow, Pad Thai, Pad Kee Mao.

T13. GANG PAH NUAHH...$20...
beef curry, deep herbs flavor, side of steamed jasmine, rice.

Imagine, you're going into the jungle and cooking a curry. You don't have access to the supermarket shelf for a complete list of ingredients to make a curry. You make curry without coconut milk, but since you're in tropical jungle you're accessible to herbs and chili. After, the curry was cooked as such. It comes the characteristic of this curry.

T15. KAO PAD MOO...$17...
thai style fried rice, chinese broccoli, egg, tomato, onions. This one comes with pork only. It is so good.

7 hours of cooking, you can eat everything of the belly, crispy skin, tender meat sauteed in garlic chili, top with crispy basil, side of jasmine white rice. Yum.


TV10. PAD WOON SEN...$17...
thai style stir fried bean thread, tomato, celery, egg

TV11. PAD KA NA...$17...
thai style stir fried chinese broccoli, chili, oyster sauce. thai style smoky finish.

thai style stir fried watercress, chili, oyster sauce. thai style smoky finish.



durian, sticky rice, coconut cream. Dare you to try. It's delicious.

ground fish, sticky rice, fried shallot, sugar.

You will find thai dessert/food sometime can be a combination of unexpected ingredients like this one. Sweet rice was topping with sweet ground fish and they match and good.

icecream, sticky rice, corn kernel, red bean, cream.

this will blow away the heat from your tongue. A thai take on icecream. We put together the stuff and cream and shovel into the mix. You can not be more happier.


We hope you enjoy A Journey to Thailand.

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